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abuse of power of attorney law

Combatting Abuse of Power of Attorney Law in Estates

Understanding the Scope of Power of Attorney Designating a power of attorney is a…
withdrawing money from deceased bank account

Legal Guide: Withdrawing Money from a Deceased’s Bank Account

Understanding Estate Settlement: Roles and Responsibilities Dealing with the aftermath of a loved one’s…
what is the tax rate on trust income

Navigating Trust Income Tax Rates: What You Need to Know

Understanding Trust Income and Taxation At Stevenson Law Office, we recognize the importance of…
what is the tax rate for a trust

Understanding What is the Tax Rate for a Trust in Estate Planning

Understanding Trusts: The Foundation for Estate Planning and Administration Navigating the intricacies of estate…
what is a partition sale

Navigating Estate Disputes: What is a Partition Sale?

At Stevenson Law Office, we understand the complexities of trust and estate litigation and…
what is a conservator of an estate

Navigating Conservatorships: What is a Conservator of an Estate?

Understanding Estate Planning and Conservatorship: The Basics At Stevenson Law Office, we recognize the…
what does it mean to contest a will

Understanding Will Contests: What It Truly Means to Challenge a Will

Understanding Will Contests: Setting the Stage When navigating the complexities of estate planning, the…
void will

Navigating Legacies: Understanding and Avoiding a Void Will

Understanding Void Wills: Navigating the Complexities of Invalid Documents When crafting a last will…
trustee beneficiary trust

Navigating Trustee Beneficiary Trusts in Estate Planning

Understanding Trustee Beneficiary Trusts: A Primer An estate plan often includes a variety of…