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Estate Resources

Probate, Trusts & Estates Resources

The trusts and probate attorneys of Stevenson Law Office in Sherman Oaks are truly committed to guiding their clients through estate-related matters, from planning and administration to handling the disputes as well as litigation. In order to assist our clients as well as allow visitors to our website to better understand estate and probate issues, we have provided the below links to many valuable California court, government and legal resources.

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California Probate Code The full text of the California Probate Code is available here online. The Table of Contents provides links to all the specific codes.

California Revenue and Taxation Code – Certain provisions of the Revenue & Taxation Code relate to gift and death taxes as well as generation-skipping transfer tax and personal income tax.

California Welfare and Institutions Code – Certain provisions of the Welfare and Institutions Code relate to the conservatorships of disabled persons as well as to elder abuse.

California Probate Code


The California Courts provide information regarding the probate process, highlighting the choices you have when it comes to dealing with a deceased family member’s estate.
Here you will get information regarding the different types of conservatorships as well as probate conservators, the court forms and the answers to frequently asked questions regarding conservatorships.
This page will explain probate guardianships, which are cases brought about by someone who is seeking to be an appointed guardian, or by another member of the family who is asking the court to appoint a guardian.
This self-help page has information about what you can do if you or a loved one finds themselves in an abuse situation, including the instructions on how to ask for a restraining order.
California Bar


Do I Need Estate Planning? – This California Bar pamphlet answers many of the most common estate planning questions. It also provides some basic information on trusts, wills, estate taxes, probate.

Do I Need a Will? – This pamphlet explains in more detail how a will works within an estate plan, including what assets and property may be covered by a will, the different types of wills, and information about changing or revoking a will.

Do I Need a Living Trust? – The Bar’s pamphlet that explains living trusts and provides information about some of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of obtaining a living trust.

What Should I Know about Elder Abuse? – This pamphlet provides good information regarding the increasing problem of elder abuse in California as well as nationwide. It includes advice for recognizing signs of physical abuse, financial abuse and neglect.


Each of the below counties in California has its own Superior Court which then has jurisdiction over all civil cases. This includes probate proceedings and also estate litigation.

The court websites each provide information that you will definitely need to know if you are going to be heading to court. They also include explanations of the different court divisions, local rules and forms.